Hello world!

The first post always gets me, you see. Knowing what to write as a first post in my blog has always been a pain in the A#$. I would normally start off by saying some blah’s here and there, stating why have i started this blog from the first place, and probably would have stated the number of previously created blogs, and the fact that I always end up forgetting my passwords, which eventually leads me to create a new one from scratch.

Now, this post is different, i would like to take this opportunity to express some feelings around here. “Yeah let’s add some drama around here” as Baldy and Ozzy may mention. haha

Guys, You are truly missed. You’re probably out there hitting Vegas as it’s supposed to be hit and stormed, some Casino Wars perhaps won’t do any harm. haha


  • a Cousin, a brother, a friend.
  • Party animal starter, joy seeker.
  • Gambling Guru.
  • Oh!, and a good listener.
  • A friend, a brother, and a true buddy.
  • Party animal seeker, VERY CALM !!!! though.
  • A gambler in disguise.
  • A true listener.
Guys!!! you are truly missed.
As for everybody else reading this post. I really do hope enjoying going through this blog in the future, as I may say “Hello! I’m Moods .. Lemme introduce you to my world”.

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