A change, a reality ..

Not very long ago, I was into this little argument. My friend and I were discussing the possibilities of having Barack Obama as the new U.S President. I stood strongly to my grounds and insisted that Barack got really pull it off. 

Right now, and after the recent elections held in KY (Kentucky) and OR (Oregon), Barack holds the lead in the Democratic Party nomination elections. As a matter of fact, I think that this dude can pull it off at the end. 

Recent polls, showed that Barack Obama has the ability to beat John McCain in the race to the While House. I would really love to see this guy settled at the White House. I backed him up from the beginning, and would certainly love to see the face on my friend when Barack is announced the new president of the United States of America.

Change has always been good, people believe in change, and change has always been fruitful .. But the question is, ” Is America ready for a black president ?



3 Responses

  1. Well 7maid.. its politics 😛 mo polotics 😛 use ur mac spell check sac de ball. 😛

  2. he has the blackest name! EVER
    Barack obama 😛

    like… Dedier Mutombo 😛 a brotha with a spear!! stepping on a lion’s neck 😛

  3. Sa3dawiii: you’re damn he does. ! 😛

    oh, you missed one name there, Dedier Drogba 😛 the elephant slaughter 😛

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