PROJECT | Kharoof

I’ve been wanting to write about this a long time ago. I always end up having something else to do, or probably write about something else. Well, moments ago, i came along one Kharoof! not that type of kharoof(sheep) we all know of, but a different kind of kharoof. A walking kharoof, a talking one in fact. 

Kharoofs come along in different names, sizes, and probably different aspects of (kharfana), some try very hard to climb up the famous Kharoof hierarchy, you may see them weep, lie, or probably make up stories to win some random girl’s heart, or some precious minutes of a girl’s time. 

Nowadays, Kharoofism play a big role in our society .. more like a new trend in relationships, a new hobby has arrived in town everybody. A hobby ripping some guy’s dignity apart, where unfortunately and sadly  the guy (kharoof) ends up loving it and extremely OK with.

Kharoof’s latest discoveries:

  • Forget anything about dignity issues.
  • Try hard to score a girl on a regular basis, by any means.
  • Lying, is necessary sometimes .. therefore, it’s OK.
  • Spend endless hours, talking to some random girl on the phone. again for the purpose of scoring big time
  • A kharoof only joy, is met only by joining a herd of Kherfan, where several discoveries are passed from one desperate Kharoof to another.
Well, to top things up .. I only have this to say: “Once a sheep, always a Kharoof”

One Response

  1. I met some of those back in my day :S sad but true ..

    Ladies !! wake up call

    Guys !! Busted .. we can see right through u now 😛

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