The Chronicles of a Chicken Nugget


Speaking of new terms in the previous post, made me think of this term .. name given to those sophisticated wannabe’s. Sadly, a name given by government school students to those attending private ones. Nowadays, this segment for sophistication wannabe’s has evolved, and spread all over the society.

Don’t take me wrong, I’m a chicken nugget lover, in fact I’m quite sure that I have one buried inside me, back from the early days, I’m not here to brag about the fact that I used to attend a private school and all, It’s just something that gets stuck with u for the rest of your life, and it’s up to you to let it surface or better let it stay deep. 

I came along a very interesting person, not too long ago. We engaged in a conversation, here’s what happened:

Me: ahlaain, ya hala,  “how you doin’ ” Joey’s catch phrase.

Her: Ahlan Ahlan Ahlan, what’s up .. Hommie !

Me: Nothin’ much really, just things laying around here and there, exams are just around the corner.

Her: ooooh, all the best enshalah.

Me: I heard that you graduated a couple of days ago? Congrats. o minha lai a3la enshalah.

Her: Ohhh, thanks sweety “3o2balak”. Man, it was great, Ommi ow Obooy came to the ceremony, friends and relative all cheered, it felt so right. OH!, OH!, daddy is buying me a new car. Woooohoooooo !!

Me: Thinking to myself, “daddy !! … oh! nugget alert !”  That’s great girl, yalla 3alaich bil 3afya, o ya36eech khairha o yikafeech sharha. “nugget!”

Her: Thank you ! so much.

As we continued talking, another person came along.

Him: Wassup wassup wassup, what are u guys talkin’ about ?

Me: Nothin’ dude, just going through what happened in the graduation ceremony and all, what’s up with u?

Him: I feel, horrible!

Us: WHY ?? what’s wrong?

Him: I got burnt on the beach, plus i have a bad tan !!

Her: Oh, $hi#. Put some aloe vera on that, it may help the sooth the burning skin.

Me: “CHICKEN NUGGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET”. “I couldn’t stand it, and had to leave immediately”

You see, some people go to the extremes of nuggetism, some may act differently and unfortunately they do so with full intensions. Being normal, won’t kill you guys, and I can understand the fact that people come from different backgrounds and all that talk, but “and there’s always a butt” try acting normal just a little bit, put an effort in to it. Im not here to judge people on how they talk, eat, dress etc.. I’m only writing this post to send a message to some people out there, “Enough with the acting and the on going drama”

All in all, Be it chicken or meat, they all contain protein. 


4 Responses

  1. Do you think i’m a bragger ?!?! 😦

    I’ve never been to private school .. and i’d say my English is really good .. i even spend 99% of my day speaking in English but that doesn’t mean i’m braggin’ about it :S

    How do you tell if a person is braggin’ or not ?! 😛

  2. well, i did not mention anything bout u braggin’ bout ur english and all.
    Girl, u can brag bout that russian accent of yours. !! Girl, u do it with perfection. Now that’s something to brag about. haha

    But still, i guess u fall under the chicken nugget category.

  3. In russain accent: “About Vaiting Lis6 ?! Vha6 Dho You Tink ?! I’m No6 Dat Eazy My Luuve”

    *cough* *cough* bal3oomy 3awarni :PpP LOL

  4. hahaha .. i just like that accent of yours. You do that with Perfection ,, isn’t that vot you say? 😛

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