Got Joost?

Got Joost?

While i was surfing the internet, “not having much to do” i ran across this website., a new P2P application to be installed on your computer or laptop. Joost offers a wide range of channels. It offers music, comedy, movies, cartoons, sports and documentaries. The interface is great, colorful, and easy to use. All you have to need is to set up a Joost account which may take approximately 1 to 2 minutes and thats mainly it. Welcome to Joost.

Application requirements:

  • Any Intel based Mac running OS X 10.4
  • 512 or more RAM
  • About 500 MB of free disk space
  • Broadband/ADSL connection
Joost comes to be installed on windows too.
Install & enjoy

4 Responses

  1. thanks 🙂
    downloading ;p

  2. Enjoy ..
    Whats your downloading speed again. ??

    haha (6)

  3. :@ i think you will not enjoy the internet 4 ever im el yoom wa rayeeee7 😛

  4. allah yaster .. 😛 haha,
    ” knocks on wood”

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