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As you may see, i have changed my blog header. I would really be thankful if you would kindly rate my new one.

This is a picture of the old header. your feed backs would be appreciated. thank you 🙂


8 Responses

  1. On a scale from 1 to 5 ….. i’d give it a 3 😉

    it’s nice but it kinda looks like Hannibal Lector :S

  2. lol . shako hannibal ! 😛 laaaish .. hmmm thanks for the rate there Kambosh .;)

  3. oh well looks like shit 😛
    la la … i think i like the old one more.. bs 7asafa lo etzeedla zegara 😉

  4. 4 here 🙂

    very nice one

  5. Wallaa 9ij look at it .. madree shino hatha the thing ily 9oob the mouth . probably a Mic. but it looks like the thing ily bil movie silence of the lambs mal Hannibal 3ashan mayakil il awadim 😛

  6. Sa3dawii : this is the $h#t ! 😛 about the “Zigarra” issue, sij yabeeelah ! 😀
    a cigar would do the trick. 😉

    Loco: Thanks 7abeeeby, min thooqik

    Kambi: hahahaha, i guess it does look like the mask in that movie. 😀

  7. I like this one better… I have a thing for microphones! I love them.. I think it’s my because of my everlasting dream to always be in the spotlight 😛

  8. Sunshine:He who wishes to be in the spotlight, shall always be under one.
    Thanks girl, “min thooqich” 🙂

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