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Mr. Wing(man)

A friend in need, is a friend indeed. That’s when the term wingman first came out. Guys need the help of their friends when engaging into so many tasks, be it a quick hook up, or a simple lie, well as some may refer to it as a white lie. 

Wingmen are there when needed, having themselves pledge to the bro. code “what’s a bro. code? Well, I’ll come to that later in another post” makes them stick to the fact that they should always be there when needed, at any time, any place, perhaps stay alert when the speed dial button is hit. 

The question is, what is  a wingman, what does he do, and how does he engage? I’ll answer the following through these simple points:


  • Wingman : A noun, given to the person giving his all saving his friend from an awkward situation, probably a situation involving a friend, and his girlfriend. A person, who cleans his friend’s act when being booed off. A bridge between his friend and the next hook up.
  • Wingmen come in different patterns and tasks depending on the situation. Wingmen sometimes do back up a simple lie. Some take care of the dirty laundry their friends have left thrown here and there in a scene, and some may just stand there “full alert” making sure that nothing goes wrong, or having their friends screw things up.
  • Wingmen always take one for the team, well it depends on the stakes. 
  • The term wingman, is considered to be the backbone of the Bro. Code and the Sista’ Code
What I’m trying to point out is that friends do need each other, they need help, support and sometimes they just need to know that their friends are out there on high alert to step in whenever needed.
All in all, every true friend is and in need of a wingman. Give it a thought, do you fall under this category ?

4 Responses

  1. I’m trying my best to understand what you just said but I’m just not getting it… Dunno if its cos I’m sleepy 😛

  2. Sunshine: hehe, guess you’re asleeep. well i’ll put it for ya in one sentence, i just added some words here and there to make the post seem long. “i7im”
    what i was trying to say is, that there are friends who go to the extreme to help out a friend, they’re called wingmen. 😉 and that goes for both men and women. 😉 the details are pointed out in the post. 😉 G’night .. ;P

  3. So basically it’s someone who covers up for you or gets you out of trouble? My best friends and I have a code, we send a message saying ‘fake convo’ and then either I call or they call and it doesn’t really matter what they say because I’ll just make up the conversation… get it? Good morning 😛

  4. haha, that’s wicked ;p

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