Reporting from Kuwait ..

Well, here I am writing my first post in Kuwait, I have returned yesterday, as I mentioned in my previous post, I guess Homeland really waited for me.

Hmm, I’m starting to have second thoughts on why did i return to Kuwait in the first place, well obviously I did come back for family and friends, |ya3nee to be real honest” but, after spending time with family, going out with friends, one comes to realize that Kuwait has no such entertainment. Apparently  the degree of entertainment differs from one another, some seem to have fun going out sipping coffee in this deep, hot dusty weather. Some may cruise around again, in his hot and dusty weather. I ended up gathering with some friends, did nothing, but watch a mixture of some old and new movies.

The following are the activities I did yesterday.

  • Landed on Kuwait soil, got out of the plane and checked my passport.
  • Waited for about 10 minutes at the luggage carousel. “Nothing showed up”
  • Waited for 30 mins and still nothing showed up.
  • Finally, I got my bag after a long 45 minute wait.
  • I was stopped, by an inspector where he thought I had some illegal stuff with me. UuuuRgh, what really annoyed me is that he wanted to sound smart and all, he was like “were did you come from? I said Dubai, so he gave me that smile !! and opened my bag, searching everywhere, hoping to find what  he thought was illegal. “I HAD THE LAST LAUGH !!”
  • Was shocked by the weather,
  • Went home, said hi to family, then off to grandma’s house.
  • Went to Avenues, and believe me it wasn’t some fun ride. Man! It seemed as if all of Kuwait decided to hangout and shop there.
  • Went to Dewaneya, “Kuwaiti guy’s haven” watched movies, played some poker ! “i was kidding there” played cards “Kout”
  • Went back home, slept and dreamt of . . . “Secret :D”



6 Responses

  1. Welcome Home 😛

  2. Nawerat lekwait!! Yalla cheese sandwich challenge.. Haha 😛

  3. Ozma: Thanks dude , , Man, I’m already missing my 2nd home ! “VEGAS” lol

    Sunshine: Emnawra eb ahalha walla. As I said previously, may the best chef win ” Evil Laugh “

  4. last post you mentioned that you had a lot of things to finish in such a short period !! w el youm wa9l 7adk men il malal !!!!!?!

    go crazy … do stuff you never did … EVERRRR !!!

  5. Dots: To be honest here, 2nd thoughts are really getting to me at this very moment. I wish there is something else left for me to do here .. Girl, ALL I did was eat, eat, eat and EAT !! 😛

    I WANT TO GO BACK !! 😛

  6. Suck it up !!! you’ve been in Dubai way too long … khala9 3ad 😛

    Reality Check Ba3boo3 !! THIS IS YOUR LIFE .. DEAL WITH IT :PpPp

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