Finding the next ex-girlfriend/boyfriend

“Okay guys, you might hate me on this, but hey, A man gotta say, what a man’s really gotta say”

Finding the next ex-girlfriend/boyfriend, a catchy cheesy phrase to be said, I heard that over a conversation couple of days ago, since then, I wanted to write a post on that, but never succeeded, to be honest I never felt like it, probably it may erupt some issues, or as a fact it may send a wrong message. Anyhow, I just came back home, I’m extremely sleepy “yawns”, and Im not thinking straight, so I might as well write this post.

People are known to be social in life, well not all. Some may go the extra mile and tie the famous knot, some may just sit back, relax and enjoy life as it is, therefore, the degree of happiness and socialism differs from one person to another. Be it a guy or a girl, we all need to get social every now and then, we need companionship and we certainly need that joy ride of miserableness. Ive always liked that line in the movie Hitch. So, to sharp things up, We all need partners, and please don’t say no, otherwise you’ll be lying to yourselves before you do to others. I’m not impersonating Dr.Phil here.

Finding that special someone has been the story of all ages. Girls end up sobbing on their peeps’ shoulders, guys celebrating one’s accomplishment, guys shockingly finding out that they’ve been worked and played, while some may be preparing that big bate, these are all story headlines of that issue we nowadays call relationships. I hope Im not sending a wrong message so far, Im not that of a pessimistic person, believe me optimism is what keeps me going.

The question is why do we send that sacred meaning of a relationship down the drain?, why do people “some people” think of it as a game?, why can’t we take it to the next level?, or why can’t we just settle and cherish that partner we have?

Relationships are sacred, companionship is a belief, and believe me, love is just a course of life. Live happy, care much, share your laughs, this may turn out to be a recipe for our human evolution.

I might be making sense to some, or probably this may be sound gibberish to others. All in all, some questions had to be asked, some issues had to be said, some people had to be enlightened. “Hello, I’m Moods, and I’m of to sleep” Good night everyone . . .


9 Responses

  1. Very impressive post.. I think its all about people, its our choice to live happy or sad.. we build our stable relationships or think of it as a game.

    Why do some people chose to live the bad side of life! I dont really know.. All what I believe is that its our own choice.

    Keep up ypur optimistic..

    P.S. Hope you had a calm sleep πŸ™‚

  2. We don’t need partners and I’m not lying to myself πŸ˜›
    Tara a9abee3 idaynik mu suwa πŸ˜›

    I have a friend of mine who has been single practically most of her life, not because she’s unattractive, bel3aks she’s had tons of guys propose to her, bes she chooses to be single to save her self the head and heart ache.

    And in this day and age relationships are not as sacred as you think they are. It’s the harsh reality. Hate to break your bubble πŸ˜›

    I’d rather sit at home with my cats and bake then get myself involved in a relationship that will just waste my time and breath… Relationships in Kuwait are fake.. I don’t see how you can ‘pick up’ (I can’t believe I used that term I HATE it) a girl then as soon as she calls you, you instantly presume she’s your girlfriend!! How can you call them relationships in this country when the girls don’t see their boyfriends for weeks then when they do they sit in a restaurant and he doesn’t sit on the same table.. Or they see each other once a month at the most which is when they park behind the jam3iya and he sits in her car for a grand total of about 5 minutes! Please?!! One of the main ingredients of a healthy relationship is seeing each other! Interacting with each other!

    I’m not generalising! But let’s face it, the majority of Kuwait is like the relationship I described above. On the other hand there is the very small percentage of normal people who go out in public together, have male and female friends. People who are generally open to this type of living. But we will ALWAYS be frowned upon because we’re Kuwaiti, oo sh7agaaa, 3aybbbb, 7araaaam, shlon chithee?? ma tisti7i?
    It’s not 3ayb! Because my mother and father KNOW where I am
    It’s not 7aram because we’re ONLY friends!
    And NO MA ASTI7I! You know why? because I’m not doing anything wrong!!

    sorry wayid 3a9abt! this topic gets to me πŸ˜›

  3. LadyWhisper :
    You’re absolutely right here. People are not the same. In addition, we people sometimes tend to life on the bad side of life, As I said, being optimistic may just do the trick here ,, We choose who we want to be, how we want to live and most of all, how we want to socialize. πŸ˜‰

    Wow, mino gall ma 3a9abtay πŸ˜› hehe.
    I totally feel ya. Unfortunately we have this big majority who doesn’t know the real meaning of a relationship. The separate table issue got me laughing, because it’s damn true. People do those silly stuff, I know it’s different out here, and we live in a conservative society and all, but hey come on let’s face it, why sit on separate tables, pretend not knowing each other while we just and i mean just turn out to be perfect for each other. “La tboooog, la tkhaaaaf” Right?? πŸ˜‰

  4. GO SUNSHINE Wohooo !

    I SO TOTALLY agree with you (sunshine) not you Hespeaks … you are the dreamy side of reality…

    live and love?

    well you should add… get hurt… and seriously we have no time to get hurt…

    but i’d say… if you felt it in your heart… in the deepest point of your heart that this pot may be stirring for someone… then live with it.. enjoy the happiness… and expect the pain…

    life is more of an experience to me… rather than relationships that could be titled “useless”

  5. Dots: hmmmmm ,, guess u do have a point here, but as i stated previously, it’s up to us to live, fall in love or perhaps accept the pain. It’s in our hands, we choose the people we want to react with, have feelings for, or probably serve the stirred bowl of ours. πŸ˜‰

    Life is truly an experience, a roller coaster, you may never predict the excitement and adrenaline rush on every corner or slope.

    Live ur Life, Love ur life πŸ˜‰

  6. well i will tell you something…
    yes it is our choice most of the time…
    but by the time you are so close to getting used to “anti aging creams and collagen masks” … roller coasters aren’t what you’d be interested in…

    a stable commitment… ya5i all what we ask for is to be respected for who we are and loved for what we are… by the time u reach my age… you would be done with pain.. .and enjoying the heartaches… you would be done with comprimising everything for a simple thing… and you would be done with those who bull$*** !

    CONSEQUENTLY (:p) you’d rather sing Natasha’s song SINGLE and live your life loving those who deserve to be loved ! πŸ™‚

  7. Dots:
    what i meant by saying “roller coasters and all” is that you can never predict what may happen during the course of life, who you ,ay bump in to, the people you experience and the interactions with one another. One can never be sure nor predict the unexpected, moreover can never unleash those hidden sudden events.

    The way i see it, is that we people pick up experiences through the people we react with, some may seem nice, whereas some may turn out to be such losers.

    what ironic is that how this short phrase or sentence may generate so many meanings “finding the next ex-girlfriend/boyfriend”

    all in all, people may choose to comprimise, give up things for the ones they may see as true life partners, and some may never choose to do so. It’s the way we judge the relationship and try to unlock it’s paths, and the way we see ourselves with the poeple we already chose to love truly defines the expectations we seek from a relationship.

    I truly feel you, when u mentioned that you want to be respected the way you are and to be loved the way you are.

    Love Life, to be loved. Love yourself to be respected.
    Enjoy your days as if it’s the last day, plan your events as if there’s no second chance.

    Thanks for the comment. πŸ˜‰

  8. love yourself… and everything would fit in the right place !
    YOu can love life to a point you forget how it feels to be human… you’d become to over materialistic with life…

    love yourself and you will see the need to be loved knocking the doors to your heart…

  9. Wise words ..

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