Its Peanut

I never thought that ventriloquists can be this funny. I’ve been watching Jeff Dunham perform for a while, Peanut, Walter, Jalapeno and Achmed are all puppets created by this man. He’s really good at it to the fact where you forget that it’s only a one man’s show. He brings his characters to being almost alive, that’s where you ask yourself who is really running that show?

I’ll leave you with this short clip of Jeff Dunham and my favorite character Peanut. Enjoy

official website


7 Responses

  1. Hehehe I’m watching it with the girls and we’re pissing ourselves laughing! We keep rewinding akher maq6a3 where he laughs and then bites his nose eheheh

    I want to come out of your noooooooooose! 😛 7ada nikta! I love peanut! I love himmmmm, I want him 😦

  2. Sunshine: Watch Peanut and Walter go at it .. OR PEanut and Jalapeno on a stick. Do a little search in Youtube. 😛 It gets even funnier .. 😀

  3. That line sounds soo familiar :Pp

  4. i always loved watching Achmed… there is something with him that is “hot” … probably his eyes 😉

    la seriously… the guy is amazing …

  5. HAHA, His eyes … Hmmmmmmmm !! are you sure of who you talkin’ about here ?? 😛 Is it the same Achmed “the dead terrorist” ??

    Peanut is my fav. really, Truly a NUT CASE ! 😛

    Question is … do you see them as different people, “JEff and Achmed” wella you always have in mind that eventually it’s only a one man show ???

  6. Dunham is hilarious , walter and achmed is awesome , am waiting for his new DVD 😛 the 1st one is funny.

  7. TalaL : Maaan, the guy is truly amazin’ !!! Have you seen Melvin and Dunham in an act together. !! i would recommend that. 😉

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