Wish List | Home Edition

The following is my wish list, things I want laying around at home.

**I would certainly love to get me one of those pixel couches.


17 Responses

  1. Hehe I want most of those things.. I know someone who has that criss-crossy book shelf!
    I just can’t wait till tomorrow 😀 I’m taking the day off work, it should turn out to be interesting :p

  2. its my wish 2 🙂

    bas el villllla shakeelha nar !

  3. Amazing… And when you go to get that pixel couches i would appreciate if you get one for me 😛 Its the most thing I need 🙂

  4. Sunshine: A day off ha, Enjoy it while it lasts .. Girl 😉

    Loco: Ana mo imta3ebnee illa il pixel couch. :S

  5. LadyWhisper: Ma daraiti inni na7eeees .. 😛 I’ll simply say, ma ligait’ha ! 😛 I know ,, I lean towards being evil sometimes ! 😛

    But frankly speaking !!!! I WANT THAT COUCH. & THAT BOOK SHELF CHAIR.

  6. oooooooooooh I love all the pieces you picked out! What I really want is a gadget infested house with a huge comfy sofa and a projector TV screen looool

  7. Edelo bel manshet!

  8. I WANT THE JACCUZI !!!! 😦 Get me the Jaccuzi NOW !!! Like right now !!! noo i mean like right NOW !! 😛

  9. ba3leee9a!

  10. Ananyah: Join the club girl, !! 😛

    Ozma: Egggggggmad !! 😛

    Kamboosh: Girl, all you could think of was the jacuzzi ?!?! Girl you disappoint me :/

    Fundaze: La7mat rass ! 😛

  11. the home theatre set up is crazy !

  12. i don’t mind having all of them…they so simple and at the same time unique! and the house is my dream house…btw nice blog

  13. Maze: tell me about it .. i truly liked the house. And thanks for the complement buddy. 😉

  14. i’d tick the house
    the system
    the chairs aren’t my fav bs ma bagool la2 😉
    i’d wanna see a good tempting KITCHEN too !

  15. Kitchen … Hmmmm not my thing really “although I like to cook” bass ill keep this post updated 😛 you never know what may pop up. 😉

    As for the sofas … Im really in to this pixilated one, and would certainly love if anyone could mention where can i find it, or atleast something similar to that .. 😉

  16. oh my ! kitchens arent a “thing” my friend !!!!
    honestly…the essentials of a house: kitchen and (3azik allah) bathrooms !! they should be spacious !

    the pixelated one reminded me of a tv that has an issue with its wiring and the colors got all messed up !

    if i ever come across such a “thing” i’d surely tell u

  17. well, first “3azz allah gadrich” as it goes for bathrooms “yikram il garee” I like them dark, I dunno why, but i kinda liked the one at Almaz “in mall of the Emirates”

    Probably it’s a guy’s thing .. or probably my own thing.

    Im in to abnormal things BTW. 😉

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