Hated Facts . .

Every person has his/her list of tops and bottoms, likes and dislikes, top favorites and least favorites. I have posted my top fives couple of days days ago, so I decided to make another list, revealing my least, top hated facts about .. literally anything.

  • I hate how one person comes up to you pretending to know everything about yourself where eventually all they say are assumptions and have nothing to do with you basically they act as if they know you. Starting telling you facts about yourself, what you like and dislike, how u react in certain situations, and some people reach to the extent that they tell you they really know what are you thinking at that very moment.
  • I hate lairs, I just can’t stand a lie.
  • I hate it when people talk behind your back, Ohhh he did this and he did that.!!
  • I hate fancy show offs, moreover, I just can’t stand people who show off. Purchasing a famous artist’s painting won’t make you a painter.
  • I hate hypocrites.
  • I hate people asking me “what’s wrong?, you ok? shfeek, shfeek, shfeeeeeeek?” Guys!! I’ll say so when I’m ready. !!
  • I hate ceiling lights! I like coffee table lamps, candles, etc ..
  • I hate barcelona “the team”
  • I hate Summer in Kuwait.
  • I hate Windows “the operating system especially Vista”
  • I hate it when I really wish I was able to go back in time to fix some things.
  • I hate it when people start saying rumors about you !! OH he go in with a fight with flan or flan. “act like a man for god’s sake!”
  • I hate heights.
  • I hate driving on the left lane of a bridge.
  • I hate people who envy you for the least, little things.
  • I hate people who are filled with joy when seeing others fall down, or not achieve their goals.
  • I hate people who take advantage of other’s kindness.
  • I hate Al-Arabi Team “always been a Qadsiya fan”
  • I hate stoves that run by gas.
  • I hate it when you lose all your saved numbers.
  • I hate it when people go through your phone’s message inbox.
  • I hate it when people are being sent back home the moment they reach J.F.K Airport. “it happened”
  • I hate it when it rains.
  • I hate dust.
  • I hate it when people aren’t straight forward and start going round and round in circles when being asked.
  • One thing I know for sure. I don’t hate her!, I hate Rubeena !!!

7 Responses

  1. Hmmm such a negative post πŸ˜› you should do one of all the things you love πŸ˜€
    Thank God you’re back! Walahna 3alayk πŸ˜›

  2. Haha! , what’s ironic is that I was laughing the whole time, but really wanted to write this post. Some hidden messages are being sent, Which “by the way” hate to do so too πŸ˜›

    Toolah 3alaich il 3afya .. dear

  3. the list of negativity that makes you smile !

  4. Yeah .. it’s ironic, coz every point reminded me of a situation. Looking back at what really went made me laugh at some points. πŸ˜‰

  5. Dude !!! most of the things you hate are people :S i don’t wanna see the bad side of you .. almost 10 years and still going smoothly .. thank GAWD πŸ˜›

  6. πŸ˜‰ mashaaalaaa … Kambi ,, πŸ˜› mokaaaaaaaaaayefff πŸ˜›

  7. !!!!! 😐 cheater !!!! we agreed that there will be no Mokayeeff’s any more !! ok ok .. you wanna play dirty .. i’ll show you dirty you … you… Man W**** πŸ˜›

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