His Vision | updated

I got it ! finally.

The thing is I normally hate to read books and all, well I probably mentioned that in earlier posts, but there’s something about this book in particular. I’m just so curious to know exactly what aspects does  Sheikh Mohammed really talks about. I had a quick glimpse and judging from what I read, I think I’ll really like the rest of it. Let’s wait and see. .

The book can be found everywhere in the UAE “literally”, and in Virgin Kuwait, “that’s if they still sell books over there”

P.S: Sorry for the bad picture, I took that using my phone camera.


4 Responses

  1. Ooo.. I want it! I wish I could read arabic 😦 7asafa

  2. I7im! ,, join the club, Im not an Arabic reader myself. “shshshshshshs, it’s a secret” 😛

  3. so finally you will read an arabic book?

  4. Dots: not really … I do have another book, that I read from time to time. 😉

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