Craving ..

I’m Craving French Toast !!

I woke up today craving french toast. This is very weird !!


10 Responses

  1. BEWARE of male pms signs.

  2. hahahahaha … Eeeeh allah yaster !! 😛

  3. simple.. when you crave for something cook it or buy it !

    making the toast is a piece of cake; yet i haven’t came across a place that serves french toasts here

  4. Wasn’t in the mood to cook anythin’ and just as you mentioned, I haven’t came across a place that serves them.

    Does Shakespeare “Zayed Road” serve ?? always wondered .. but never asked nor called.

  5. i love their truffles and nothing else !

    they don’t look like they’d serve them ! you know they have this weird ambience of them…

  6. It’s reallllllly easy 😛 u need someone who knows how to cook around… and you call yourself a chef 😛

  7. Sunny: I do call myself a chef, but the thing is, it all depends on the cooking mood, you as I said, you should really taste my cheese sandwich 😛 “It’s so valuable!!” haha..

    you’ll know what I mean ,, soon !!

  8. loool ya3ny lazeem enyoo3 😛

  9. I know a great receirpe for french toast 😀 awal shay goo to jam3iya or whatever u call it there and buy Brioche toast ..

    6 eggs, superfine sugar, milk, ground cinnamon, clarified butter, unsalted butter, confectioners’ sugar, syrup for serving and Fruit (Optional)

    1- whisk together eggs, sugar, milk, then add cinnamon and nutmeg.
    2- after you cut il Brioche into slices, lay them on a baking dish and pour over eggs mixture, leave until bread absorbs, then turn it and same process.
    3- coat skillets with clarified butter on medium heat, cook untill golden or crisp.
    You’re gonna be working in batches soo whatever you finish you’re going to put in a preheated oven till you finish the whole batch.

    Serve immediately dusted with superfine sugar and syrup adding the fruit on the side ………

    I just realized what i wrote :S damn it .. mara7 amsaaa7 ta3abt 3alama ketabt hathaaaaaaaa .. i’m leaving it 😛 any way tell me what you think when u’re in the mood to cook 😛

  10. Sure thing … Kambi !! 😉 Sounds yummy BTW. !!
    The thing is i cook min sena lai sena ! 😛 i still have a Cheese sandwich waiting in the queue .. madre meta basaweeha. 😀

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