Celebrity death match !

Two funny comedians, one hell of a sick mind. Who will win ?

It would be the weirdest match ever, wouldn’t it ?


14 Responses

  1. Waweeeewah 😛
    Lembi all the way 😛

  2. Who’s the first guy? I don’t get it :$

  3. al Lembi .. its a hilarious Egyptian actor. 😉 moreover a nut case !! really 😛

  4. i HATE the limbi guy
    i dont find him funny at all

    stupid is NOT funny

  5. Borat allllll the way!!!
    Ambay i think i should watch it to cheer up!
    Thanks for reminding me!!

  6. Eshda3wa: well to be frank, some stupidity may lead to funny acts, it depends on how u percieve the joke or stupidity in general. Don’t u think ??

    Delicate: I must stay bias here, I organized the match, but I would cheep for Borat too. His stupidity is ever lasting,. !! 😛

  7. Borat all the way 😛 , ellimbi is good ,but mako shy ydeed wayed ga3ed yekarr in all his movies . Sasha Baron yeqadm wayde sha’79yat such as Borat ( the picture above) , and ali G

    by the way Sasha told the press once that Borat , and Ali G is dead and he is looking for sha’79ya yedeeda . sorry etha kathrt 😛

  8. Talal: Sasha has told the press, that he found his 3rd or fourth character. ! I don’t remember the name, but he said he found that gay character. Oh and by the way, the characters he did were all friends of his BTW, 😉 did u know that ?

    And 1 more thing.. ma kathart wala shay 😉 Welcome to the blog.

  9. al Lembi al Lembi al Lembi al Lembi :PPPPPPP

  10. I say Borat…
    Although comedy is just not my thing.

  11. Oh and I hear Sasha is a candidate for playing Freddie Mercury, the lead singer from Queen…That ought to be interesting 🙂

  12. F. : That would definitely be interesting to see. ! 😉
    I remembered the scene where he was chasin’ pamela anderson.. that really cracked me !! 😀

  13. il limby maleeq ;p

  14. Adriano: would be an interesting match to witness, wouldn’t be. ;P

    Palomino: Hmmmmmmm, have you evey heard of Funny stupidity? 😛
    it’s those “malaqa” acts that send u bursting with laughter sometimes. But I should be bias here, 😉

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