Delightful Sins

Sins, Sins, Sins .. But wait isn’t there a delightful sin ? Well, to wrap things up, I would answer through the following points, perhaps show you some of my delightful sins.

  • Picture this Waking up early morning, sitting on the couch, watching TV , hands dug right to the bottom of the chocolate basket, chocolate wrappers on the coffee table, do I need to mentioned that it’s full of KInder Buenos & Hershey’s Kisses❞
  • Chay & 7aleeb – you should always pour more tea till it gets dark. 3 spoons of sugar and Voila !! A sin I would normally do at 2-3 am in the morning.
  • Dulce De leche Cheesecake from Cheese Cake factory. I must admit, I grew my sweet tooth after tasting that.
  • The pudding dessert, served at Slider’s Station Kuwait
  • A tall no-whip mocha from Starbucks. “plain”
  • A Quarter Pounder from McDonald’s with cheese, no onions and pickles, with Big Mac Sauce.
  • Picture this, It’s Ramadan and you’re fasting, time for Maghreb prayer, you’re are the dinner table, and all your eyes can see is those “Lgaimat” ummmm ummm ummm.
  • Having a Shisha “Hooka” while eating Lebanese food, “and I literally mean while eating”. To me this is essential when eating at a Lebanese restaurant. No cig’s, only Shishas
  • Chocolate Fondant at Shu – Dubai. “this was just added to the list

Well, I guess desserts top my delightful sin list, don’t they. I’ve got a bunch lying here and there but I wanted to keep this post clean.

Shout out to Sa3DaWiii, Ozzma, and Kambi ❝Did I miss anything out from that list❞

*What’s funny, is that I’ve been only posting about food these days .. Very weird!


9 Responses

  1. Duuuuuude … ICE CREAM !!! u totally forget about all kinds of ice cream .. like Chocolate peanut butter mal Baskin Robins, Chocolate Chip Cookie and Fudge ice cream mal “Daz” .. oooohhhh and my personal favourite ….. ROCKY ROAD Baskin Robins ..

    The ones that really got me drooling were ofcourse the tub of chocolate and chocolate wrappers on the table 😛 and the Quarter Pounder With Big Mac Sauce !!! Yummmmmmmmmmmmy … Amoooooooooooooooooot 3ala il teberbis 😀

    Also .. since we’re talking about Mcdonald .. u know how ppl sometimes mix Mayo with Ketchup ?! yeah try mixing Mayo with Bar-B-Q or with Sweet Chilie .. YUMMAAAAAAAY (Does an Ace Ventura Impersonation :P)

    This post of your got me all worked up :S seriously dude .. no more food posts 😛

  2. Kambi: Mayo and sweet chili !! hmm we Kuwaiti’s mix everything !! i thought i invented that ! 😛 been there, tasted that .. love it really ! Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayum !! 😛

  3. you’ve missed papa john’s bel dewaneya while watching real madrid on the TV!! with a big bottle of heinz ketchup and a chili mayo!! 😛
    Wel qesro metwajed!!!

  4. lol what a list !

    fondant… dulce e luce cheesecake … the mac part makes you drool!!!!

    kelh koom w mayo and bbq sauce … i do mix bs yebli ajrb e5tera3kom !

  5. Where do i start?


  6. Sa3daWiii: I completely forgot about that .. HALA! madrid !!!!! 😛 wle Ge9ro ba3ad. 😛 Papa Jones is the place cousin. 😛

    Dots: See! i told ya .. I’m in this food phase. Bass u gotta try this chili and mayo stuff, it’s the best 😛

    Delicate: I (heart) Delights .. Well Delighfull sins to be exact 😛

  7. Interesting list you got there!

  8. Sunshine: Thaanks. 😉 I know i left some things out .. I know that for sure.

  9. I know bes I’m sure they weren’t that important 🙂

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