Flowers Day ..

(phone rings)

ME: Hello,

Lady: Hello, is this (…) ?

Me: Yes, who’s this?

Lady: This is Mr. (…..) flower shop.

Me: yeah .. and ??

Lady: Well, just wanted to inform you that you have a flower delivery, and would like to know ur house address.

Me: Whaa !! Flowers ?? hmmm,, From who “while the brain is in the background for potential suspetcs”

Lady: I can’t say sorry. There is no name ..

Me: Okaaaay, I’m outside right now, I might pick them up when im close to your place.

Lady: Okay, thank you .. See ya

Me: “sounding very curious” what type of flowers? :p

Lady: three flowers settings with candles.

Me: Niiiiiice. (6)

Same script different cast, history is repeating itself. !!


8 Responses

  1. awww this is so sweet and didnt you know who sent them :D?


  3. Hahaha it was me 😛

  4. Jouja: Nope ,, unfortunately.

    KTDP: hmmmmmmmmm,, u think ??? ;p

    Sunshine: Okaaaaaaaaaay !! so did u ???? ;p

  5. hmmmmmmmmmmmm .. I wish someone would send me flowers :S

    I’m not as popular as i used to be .. it amazes me how u’re my friend with u being so popular (giggles) and me being the loner ;(

    How Pathetic does that sound ?!!? BLEKH !!!!

  6. OOyyyy !!!! what happened to Hannibal Lector ?!?!?!?!!? :@

  7. Post the pics yalla lets have a look !

  8. i would .. but im out of the country, plus i haven’t got the pics with me on laptop. Sorry guys .. ;/

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