New York, My Big Apple

[He]Speaks, Live from New York

It’s the big apple, do i need to say more.!

Loving the city, its people, the buildings, its atmosphere, the naked lady on Times Square, the macaroni and cheese shop “S’Mac”, Junior’s Restaurant and Bakery. Loving every single bit and inch of it.

Unfortunately, I’m definitly hating those yellow cab drivers!! Never recommended going back home by cab, and especially after a generous dinner! It’s a No! No!


4 Responses

  1. I Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurve NY cab drivers 😀 they’re so oblivious !! they think that they’re the only people on this planet, even when they make fun of you right IN FRONT of you, they just don’t give a damn !! 😀 *sigh* i miss NY .. u know that perception about NY being really dangerous at night ?! Not True !!! as long as you don’t walk around in Soho or Queens 😛 then u’re safe LOOL

    Daaaaayum boy .. i miss you 😉 u better have some juicy stories for me when u get back ..

    *kiss* *kiss*

  2. Ohhh… so you are alive over there 😉

    Don’t come back unless you did something really super crazy and insane!

  3. Kambi: Girl .. It’s all about Soho !! ;p Chelsea … and one other place agoolich 3anna later ;p hehehe .. Don’t worry, im full of juciyness !! ;p

    Dots: Girrrrrl, AS i said b4! i invented the word crazy. ;p but im kinda saving the best for vegas .. haha.

  4. This reminds me of our holidays in New York last year. It made a difference having the freedom of a car, we hired one for three weeks, we saved quite a bit of time and convenience getting here and moving on. My partner and I are thinking of coming back.

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