Nike Free 3.0 Men’s Running Shoe

A gift to my feet.

My feet are happy, my heels are better, and my Achellis tendon is jumping with joy!

Thank you Nike.


5 Responses

  1. Get me a pair .. size 39 plzz 😀 min 9ijji !!

  2. I’ll have to think about that ! hehe,, yah im in to this na7asa phase as well. lol

  3. Mo 3alaaay ana yal ji39 :@ Man*@$re 😛

  4. Where did you find your Nike Free 3.0s? Where ‘m living in Georgia, Bubba don’t run and if he does he wears some serious motion-control footwear. Pls shoot me a note on where you picked yours up. thanks.


  5. Well Gary, I got mine from Nike in New York. You would probably find those online or visit your nearest Nike store. Happy running ..

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