The Shake Shack . . Attacks

Probably one of the best burger ate in life, and the best one during this vacation. Located in Madison Park, NY right in the heart of the Flat Iron District, It’s the Shake Shack Restaurant. Ordered the Shack Buger and a Double Shack, a  regular fries, and a large diet coke. There was a long queue to order. It took us about 25 minutes to reach the order window, and place our order for 1 minute. The lady at the register was VERY friendly again, telling me that I smell good and all, she even got her friend who’s standing on the other register, and told her to check out the smell, NOW THAT WAS STRANGE AND FREAKY!

All in all, I would certainly recommend everyone to go and try the Shake Shack Restaurant, it’s a rare burger experience really.

Link Shake Shack

Decoration 6.5, Service 8.5, Food Quality 9, Money Value 8.5, Cleanliness 8.5 – Mood’s Rated


3 Responses

  1. ha youm ygoolk ” men 6eeb a9lk ” :p

    keep using the same perfume,shower gel,after shave ..bla bla ! 😉

    loved the location wayid ! yeft7 il nfs lel 2kl

  2. For god’s sake stop eating !!!!!!! wallaaa mo ra7 takil il weights !!! u’re gonna have to take a bunch of weights mix them all up and make into smoothies .. MAAAAN !!! 😛 makin’ me all hungry n’ shit … not cool dude 😛

  3. Dots: Wayed 7ilo il mokan, loved the place, the long queue “you get to meet a lot of people” (6)

    Kambi: LoooooooooooooooL, girl! you made me laugh,, yal khayah hahaha. allah yaster, I’m eating like I’ve never eaten before. :/

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