He’s Back II

Woke up today morning, and thought to myself “today will be a happy day” and indeed it was. Got done from pending work here and there, cleaned the house “yeah I’m a guy who cleans. That’s the price you pay when living alone” , packed the bags, switched off all electricity sockets, emptied the fridge, put on that happy smile in the shower, put on some clothes and by the time it was 6 pm I was already at the airport. Yes he’s back . . Finally

What I like about getting back home, is that there’s always that urging feeling, that definite purpose, that thing which pushes you, tackles your brain cells, and my favorite of them all; makes you constantly look at your own watch and start counting down the minutes till that bloody plane lands and arrives at destination.

It’s good to be back.. for I have really missed you.


One Response

  1. i was completely totally surprised when i found “hespeaks” highlighted in my rss feeds..

    good to have you back in the blogsphere.. yallah 3ad write… been ages ! awaken the “writer” in you 😉

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