Look in the mirror and keep on shining

I’ve always found it fascinating how one person can change his surroundings. Let me put it this way, you wake up early that morning and you immediately set your mood for the rest of the day, remember that old saying “i woke up on the right side of the bed” or in some cases it’s on the bad or wrong side of it.

We as people can change the way we perceive the everyday happenings around us. I’ve always loved how one man can change his destiny or shall I put it in a broader definition “his future” . Nothing is set to reside on a constant curve, the rich may get poor or richer isn’t that how life may reveal its surprises.

People can change their lives depending on their will power, the power within to manifest what they really want in life. Take this as an example, I have just returned home after spending 5 years away from it. I felt really horrible leaving my friends, my home, that family I chose for my own self, and even that doorman shouting my name every time I passed him on the way out. To me, leaving such place was a disaster at the beginning, yet I have found a way to cure this miserable feeling and turn it in to something positive, something that pushes me to live happy. I have found my muse. I have found the keys for a happy living. Positiveness + will power + a goal + intentions to reach that goal of mine + my muse = Happiness

We can change and change our surroundings. Stop whining and just live your life.


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