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He’s back again
July 16, 2009

It took me long to decide to restart writing again. As I would always say “hello! I’m Moods . . let me re-introduce you to my world”

I have redesigned my blog header, and certainly planning to make it a fresh start. Will begin writing starting from tomorrow. Enjoy and may you have a wonderful weekend.



Word .. !!
August 14, 2008

Baba America
August 12, 2008

For no reason me and the guys decided to call him Baba America, this bald, naked, giant statue is located in the Time Warner Center, Right at the entrance, facing the Columbus Circle.

Loving the statue, for its non sense meaings it has. Lovin’ NYC

The Goatee Saver
August 11, 2008

Need to say more? I bet this might come in handy sometimes, well especially when traveling and can’t find the right barber shop to fix your goatee and beard. I know, coz I’m facing the same problem right now. Wish I had this to save my goatee.

Thanks to Dots.

Nike Free 3.0 Men’s Running Shoe
August 11, 2008

A gift to my feet.

My feet are happy, my heels are better, and my Achellis tendon is jumping with joy!

Thank you Nike.

Simpsons À Paris ..
June 25, 2008

I found this extremely funny .. Check’em out !

I found this while surfing the internet, it really cracked the hell outta me. Thought of sharing it with you guys. Enjoy !

Pixelated | Continued ..
June 23, 2008

My pixel phase continues, wonder when will it end .. First it’s the pixel sofa, and now this. This I like a lot.

Boy meets world | fishy version
June 23, 2008

Loving this fish bowl really. Roger Arquer designs. I’ve always wanted a huge A#$ fish tank with two young sharks. “similar to the one in Hilton Kuwait”

More pics:

Roger Arquer website

For your heroic days
June 23, 2008

This I want ! Apparently it shows Im in to abnormal, out of the blue stuff ..

Biggest drawing in the world by Erik Nordenenkar
June 23, 2008

Some records are funny, like setting a record in cooking the biggest “Machboos” dish in the world, or that freak, who set the record by having himself spend long lasting hours surrounded by snakes and scorprions. This record is different. This is my favorite really! This I like !

Apparently Erik Nordenenkar managed draw this with the help of DHL delivery services. He sent a bag around the world, and traced it’s route. The outcome was as follows.


Thanks to Chantal.