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He’s Back II
July 17, 2009

Woke up today morning, and thought to myself “today will be a happy day” and indeed it was. Got done from pending work here and there, cleaned the house “yeah I’m a guy who cleans. That’s the price you pay when living alone” , packed the bags, switched off all electricity sockets, emptied the fridge, put on that happy smile in the shower, put on some clothes and by the time it was 6 pm I was already at the airport. Yes he’s back . . Finally

What I like about getting back home, is that there’s always that urging feeling, that definite purpose, that thing which pushes you, tackles your brain cells, and my favorite of them all; makes you constantly look at your own watch and start counting down the minutes till that bloody plane lands and arrives at destination.

It’s good to be back.. for I have really missed you.


He’s back again
July 16, 2009

It took me long to decide to restart writing again. As I would always say “hello! I’m Moods . . let me re-introduce you to my world”

I have redesigned my blog header, and certainly planning to make it a fresh start. Will begin writing starting from tomorrow. Enjoy and may you have a wonderful weekend.


.. Back
August 31, 2008

[He]’s back, [He]’s jet lagged ..

. . Yes, what a dream vacation it was.

Stays in Vegas for sure ..
August 25, 2008

What happened in Vegas will definitaly stay in Vegas. Just got back to New York, posts will be back enshalah.

All I can say is, I had the time of my life, and I just needed to have that crazy time over there. I hate the fact that I’m back.

“Hello New York .. We meet again” The Mask’s Voice

Viva Las Vegas!
August 19, 2008

Loving every second I’m spending in here. I reached Las Vegas yesterday, but I was a bit busy, doing what I do do bests “I’ll let you wonder about that”. Staying at the Palazzo for two nights, and then spending 4 nights at the Planet Hollywood Hotel.

P.S: I might not post as much from here, since I know for sure I’ll be very busy investing.

Phelps, the pool shark
August 12, 2008

Meet Michael Phelps, AKA the pool shark. This dude came to the Olympics with gold in mind. So far he succeeded in winning 3 gold medals out of 3 events, leaving him with 5 more to go. Phelps has already broken his previous world records in those 3 won races.

. . Where’s our Kuwaiti success? Where’s our Kuwaiti handball team?

Flowers Day ..
July 30, 2008

(phone rings)

ME: Hello,

Lady: Hello, is this (…) ?

Me: Yes, who’s this?

Lady: This is Mr. (…..) flower shop.

Me: yeah .. and ??

Lady: Well, just wanted to inform you that you have a flower delivery, and would like to know ur house address.

Me: Whaa !! Flowers ?? hmmm,, From who “while the brain is in the background for potential suspetcs”

Lady: I can’t say sorry. There is no name ..

Me: Okaaaay, I’m outside right now, I might pick them up when im close to your place.

Lady: Okay, thank you .. See ya

Me: “sounding very curious” what type of flowers? :p

Lady: three flowers settings with candles.

Me: Niiiiiice. (6)

Same script different cast, history is repeating itself. !!

When lovers, Reunite !
July 27, 2008

Vegas is around the corner .. Vegas I’m coming for you baby.

I should this song says it all. Enjoy

Bob Sinclar to Dubai ..
July 27, 2008

French DJ Bob Sinclair will be rolling in to Dubai at the end of this month. The Dj, who has had hits such as World Hold On and Love Generation, will be taking to the decks for one night only.

Venue: Dubai World Trade Center , 31st of July 2008, doors open @ 8:00 pm, tickets are sold at 280 derhams regular standings, and 360 derhams for the VIP standings.

[He]’s Back ..
July 26, 2008

Finally, I guess I got out of that phase, well, atleast I think so, and actually had the urge to write today. It felt good, felt energetic, and most of all it felt great.

A lot of things have happened over the past two to three weeks. I just hope that I do have the time to post as much as often, and dig this blog back from the dead.

Enjoy all,, you’ve been missed really.