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Word .. !!
August 14, 2008


He said, She said ..
July 29, 2008

He Said: to hell with what everybody said, or is saying ..

She Said: Listen everybody, That’s what really happened,

Everyone Else: Oooooooooh ya gossip !! Gossip !! let’s here it ..

I’m Saying right now: Go – sip on that ..

❝oh well, we’re all Kuwaitis .. o 3ashat lina il Kuwait

What’s next ?
June 23, 2008

Now, I’m aware of the fact that fashion evolves or changes. Moreover, everything changes according to a certain trend or scheme.

I’ve always hated the puffy hairdo’s guys are doing these days,, those semi Afro’s, that look really gay! “For God’s sake, you walk in to mall and all you see really is a bunch of microphones walking here and there” Dude gimme a break !!

Now, the reason behind this post is that I came across a strange weird hairdo that I would like to share. This is freakin’ weird ! I just hope that no one tries and imitate those.

Hated Facts . .
June 17, 2008

Every person has his/her list of tops and bottoms, likes and dislikes, top favorites and least favorites. I have posted my top fives couple of days days ago, so I decided to make another list, revealing my least, top hated facts about .. literally anything.

  • I hate how one person comes up to you pretending to know everything about yourself where eventually all they say are assumptions and have nothing to do with you basically they act as if they know you. Starting telling you facts about yourself, what you like and dislike, how u react in certain situations, and some people reach to the extent that they tell you they really know what are you thinking at that very moment.
  • I hate lairs, I just can’t stand a lie.
  • I hate it when people talk behind your back, Ohhh he did this and he did that.!!
  • I hate fancy show offs, moreover, I just can’t stand people who show off. Purchasing a famous artist’s painting won’t make you a painter.
  • I hate hypocrites.
  • I hate people asking me “what’s wrong?, you ok? shfeek, shfeek, shfeeeeeeek?” Guys!! I’ll say so when I’m ready. !!
  • I hate ceiling lights! I like coffee table lamps, candles, etc ..
  • I hate barcelona “the team”
  • I hate Summer in Kuwait.
  • I hate Windows “the operating system especially Vista”
  • I hate it when I really wish I was able to go back in time to fix some things.
  • I hate it when people start saying rumors about you !! OH he go in with a fight with flan or flan. “act like a man for god’s sake!”
  • I hate heights.
  • I hate driving on the left lane of a bridge.
  • I hate people who envy you for the least, little things.
  • I hate people who are filled with joy when seeing others fall down, or not achieve their goals.
  • I hate people who take advantage of other’s kindness.
  • I hate Al-Arabi Team “always been a Qadsiya fan”
  • I hate stoves that run by gas.
  • I hate it when you lose all your saved numbers.
  • I hate it when people go through your phone’s message inbox.
  • I hate it when people are being sent back home the moment they reach J.F.K Airport. “it happened”
  • I hate it when it rains.
  • I hate dust.
  • I hate it when people aren’t straight forward and start going round and round in circles when being asked.
  • One thing I know for sure. I don’t hate her!, I hate Rubeena !!!

Finding the next ex-girlfriend/boyfriend
June 8, 2008

“Okay guys, you might hate me on this, but hey, A man gotta say, what a man’s really gotta say”

Finding the next ex-girlfriend/boyfriend, a catchy cheesy phrase to be said, I heard that over a conversation couple of days ago, since then, I wanted to write a post on that, but never succeeded, to be honest I never felt like it, probably it may erupt some issues, or as a fact it may send a wrong message. Anyhow, I just came back home, I’m extremely sleepy “yawns”, and Im not thinking straight, so I might as well write this post.

People are known to be social in life, well not all. Some may go the extra mile and tie the famous knot, some may just sit back, relax and enjoy life as it is, therefore, the degree of happiness and socialism differs from one person to another. Be it a guy or a girl, we all need to get social every now and then, we need companionship and we certainly need that joy ride of miserableness. Ive always liked that line in the movie Hitch. So, to sharp things up, We all need partners, and please don’t say no, otherwise you’ll be lying to yourselves before you do to others. I’m not impersonating Dr.Phil here.

Finding that special someone has been the story of all ages. Girls end up sobbing on their peeps’ shoulders, guys celebrating one’s accomplishment, guys shockingly finding out that they’ve been worked and played, while some may be preparing that big bate, these are all story headlines of that issue we nowadays call relationships. I hope Im not sending a wrong message so far, Im not that of a pessimistic person, believe me optimism is what keeps me going.

The question is why do we send that sacred meaning of a relationship down the drain?, why do people “some people” think of it as a game?, why can’t we take it to the next level?, or why can’t we just settle and cherish that partner we have?

Relationships are sacred, companionship is a belief, and believe me, love is just a course of life. Live happy, care much, share your laughs, this may turn out to be a recipe for our human evolution.

I might be making sense to some, or probably this may be sound gibberish to others. All in all, some questions had to be asked, some issues had to be said, some people had to be enlightened. “Hello, I’m Moods, and I’m of to sleep” Good night everyone . . .

Personal Top Fives ..
June 3, 2008


Ratings and rankings, are nothing but a form of order. Everyone has his/her rankings or as some may refer to it as top fives, tens, or perhaps twenties. The following are my top fives. Enjoy

Top 5 items on my wish list:


  1. Wally Boat.
  2. Unlimited credit card “let the shopping begin”
  3. A property at Burj Dubai. “Plaza de Armani to be exact”
  4. A G5 private jet.
  5. A Mercedes 300SLR Silver Arrow.
Top 5 destinations:
  1. The U.S “Vegas, California, & New York to be exact”
  2. Bora Bora Island
  3. Seychelles islands
  4. Spain “Marbella, Barcelona and Mallorca to be exact”
  5. France “Paris, Cannes, & St. Tropez to be exact”
Top 5 things I always say:
  1. It is like a circle. You eat, you $h#t, you sleep. Then you eat, you $h#t and go back to sleep.
  2. Shake your money maker !!!
  3. Going bald doesn’t really mean you’re losing hair. Going bald means you have a perfect shaped skull.
  4. 9ebbah!, 7egnnah!, Liban .. !!!
  5. My devil is taking over my actions! and I like it 😛
Top 5 recent tunes:
  1. Chop me up – Justin Timberlake Ft. Timbaland & Three Six Mafia
  2. 4 Minutes – Madonna Ft. Justin Timberlake
  3. Lollipop – Lil’ Wayne
  4. In this club – Usher
  5. Superstar – Lupe Fiasco
Top 5 things i hate that people do:
  1. Going round and round, cruising in the streets.
  2. Kuwait’s new hair style “the super puffed spikey, that’s gay!”
  3. Smiling at your face, stabbing you in the back.
  4. The hype about Sex And The City, and Indiana Jones. “movies”
  5. Running away, when the the bills arrive. “surprisingly, they always have an excuse”
Top 5 year resolutions:
  1. Lose weight.
  2. Quit smoking.
  3. Graduate “it’s about time ya3nee”
  4. Print, and finish those Moods t-shirts I designed long time ago.
  5. Take moods|designs to another level.
Top 5 T.V shows:
  1. How I Met Your Mother
  2. The Family Guy 
  3. Two and a half men
  4. Frasier
  5. Rome
Top 5 movies:
  1. The Usual Suspect
  2. The Godfather
  3. What happens in Vegas
  4. Now I pronounce you Chuck and Larry
  5. You’ve Got Mail
Top 5 unusual quirks about myself:
  1. I just can’t sleep on the right side of the bed. Plus, I must have my right hand under the pillow, while the left feet out of the cover
  2. Always leave a candle lit, when leaving the house. I hate having my apartment dark, when going back home.
  3. I hate ceiling lights, I never switch them on.
  4. I don’t drink half filled glasses. I always tend to fill them and drink.
  5. I just feel excited when I get to be the last person to aboard the plane. “well, to choose any seat I want”
Well, every person has its own set of top 5’s, some people extend them to tens or twenties, I like keeping stuff in short numbers. Alright, there you go, these were my recent top fives. Stay tuned for the updated version. Remember, it’s how we think, how we act and what we choose that differs us from one another. Live happy, and enjoy life.

Project | Wing(man)
June 2, 2008

Mr. Wing(man)

A friend in need, is a friend indeed. That’s when the term wingman first came out. Guys need the help of their friends when engaging into so many tasks, be it a quick hook up, or a simple lie, well as some may refer to it as a white lie. 

Wingmen are there when needed, having themselves pledge to the bro. code “what’s a bro. code? Well, I’ll come to that later in another post” makes them stick to the fact that they should always be there when needed, at any time, any place, perhaps stay alert when the speed dial button is hit. 

The question is, what is  a wingman, what does he do, and how does he engage? I’ll answer the following through these simple points:


  • Wingman : A noun, given to the person giving his all saving his friend from an awkward situation, probably a situation involving a friend, and his girlfriend. A person, who cleans his friend’s act when being booed off. A bridge between his friend and the next hook up.
  • Wingmen come in different patterns and tasks depending on the situation. Wingmen sometimes do back up a simple lie. Some take care of the dirty laundry their friends have left thrown here and there in a scene, and some may just stand there “full alert” making sure that nothing goes wrong, or having their friends screw things up.
  • Wingmen always take one for the team, well it depends on the stakes. 
  • The term wingman, is considered to be the backbone of the Bro. Code and the Sista’ Code
What I’m trying to point out is that friends do need each other, they need help, support and sometimes they just need to know that their friends are out there on high alert to step in whenever needed.
All in all, every true friend is and in need of a wingman. Give it a thought, do you fall under this category ?

The truth about cats and dogs
June 1, 2008

Well . . A cat is a pussy, and a dog is definitely a dawg !!

Bet you guys know what I mean.

Project | Blog Header
May 27, 2008

As you may see, i have changed my blog header. I would really be thankful if you would kindly rate my new one.

This is a picture of the old header. your feed backs would be appreciated. thank you 🙂

A secret no more
May 25, 2008

“I’ll start of by saying: tafa2alo bil khair, tajedooh” 

Yes, wishing and knowing that new, happy, positive things or thoughts may add some happiness, relaxation or perhaps calmness to our lives. I know so because i tried and apparently it did work. Knowing what you wish for has always been the core of your universe, your surrounding, perhaps the inner guidelines of your path in life. Having positive vibes, has always attracted the things you really want in life, let’s start by riding that bicycle you really wanted when you were a little kid, moreover, those roller blades you got as a gift. Everyone has his own wishes, his wants, his anticipated events in life, I’m saying this because I know, and truly speaking I would have to say that I’ve been there and probably done that many times.

People tend to wish and seek for happiness, health, wealth, and love. It is unnatural to say that all those stuff we posses came out of now where, or even without engaging a thought about. We tend to react with, and pull the events we want towards us. 

Not long ago, I wanted to get a grip on that Secret book all people were talking about, unfortunately I had to no time to search for, and lost interest. Not until, a friend passed me a copy of his and asked me to read it. At first it looked to me as if it’s a myth “the book i mean” it started by illustrating and defining the power within, and vibes we have inside us, the emotional aspects and feelings we posses, be it negative or positive. Half way through, I started to understand that this book added nothing really. It clearly copied the saying “tafa2alo bil khair tajedooh” and added some twists to it, such as having some testimonials from various people across the nation, each stating how she/he did benefit from the book, and that secret the was finally revealed to the world. Moreover, it re-illustrated and translated some Muslim believes, and masked it with some ancient, early man discoveries. 

People!, the truth is out there, your life awaits for you to get a grip on. You don’t need a book, nor a person to lead you and show you the way. All you people out there need is motivation, belief and the urge to participate or lead your decisions in life. It is true when they say “you are the center of your own universe, & and your own universe is shaped by you” your actions are results of your thoughts and choices. Feeling good has always helped us evolve, trying to feel happy has always gave us that push towards life and prosperity. Start feeling good, and  least try searching for happiness in your life, after all, feeling happy has always been the desire with in. 

I’ll leave you with this 20 minute clip. Enjoy