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Its Peanut
June 8, 2008

I never thought that ventriloquists can be this funny. I’ve been watching Jeff Dunham perform for a while, Peanut, Walter, Jalapeno and Achmed are all puppets created by this man. He’s really good at it to the fact where you forget that it’s only a one man’s show. He brings his characters to being almost alive, that’s where you ask yourself who is really running that show?

I’ll leave you with this short clip of Jeff Dunham and my favorite character Peanut. Enjoy

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The Moment of Truth
May 23, 2008

Man, this show had me from the beginning. I guess after all, saying the truth won’t kill you. People tend to feel excited and light a spark of joy when getting away with a lie. Whereas this time, saying the truth may light thousands of joy sparks, you’ll be rewarded with money instead. 

For you all out there, spread the joy, light the sparks .. Say the truth.