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He said, She said ..
July 29, 2008

He Said: to hell with what everybody said, or is saying ..

She Said: Listen everybody, That’s what really happened,

Everyone Else: Oooooooooh ya gossip !! Gossip !! let’s here it ..

I’m Saying right now: Go – sip on that ..

❝oh well, we’re all Kuwaitis .. o 3ashat lina il Kuwait


What’s next ?
June 23, 2008

Now, I’m aware of the fact that fashion evolves or changes. Moreover, everything changes according to a certain trend or scheme.

I’ve always hated the puffy hairdo’s guys are doing these days,, those semi Afro’s, that look really gay! “For God’s sake, you walk in to mall and all you see really is a bunch of microphones walking here and there” Dude gimme a break !!

Now, the reason behind this post is that I came across a strange weird hairdo that I would like to share. This is freakin’ weird ! I just hope that no one tries and imitate those.

Finding the next ex-girlfriend/boyfriend
June 8, 2008

“Okay guys, you might hate me on this, but hey, A man gotta say, what a man’s really gotta say”

Finding the next ex-girlfriend/boyfriend, a catchy cheesy phrase to be said, I heard that over a conversation couple of days ago, since then, I wanted to write a post on that, but never succeeded, to be honest I never felt like it, probably it may erupt some issues, or as a fact it may send a wrong message. Anyhow, I just came back home, I’m extremely sleepy “yawns”, and Im not thinking straight, so I might as well write this post.

People are known to be social in life, well not all. Some may go the extra mile and tie the famous knot, some may just sit back, relax and enjoy life as it is, therefore, the degree of happiness and socialism differs from one person to another. Be it a guy or a girl, we all need to get social every now and then, we need companionship and we certainly need that joy ride of miserableness. Ive always liked that line in the movie Hitch. So, to sharp things up, We all need partners, and please don’t say no, otherwise you’ll be lying to yourselves before you do to others. I’m not impersonating Dr.Phil here.

Finding that special someone has been the story of all ages. Girls end up sobbing on their peeps’ shoulders, guys celebrating one’s accomplishment, guys shockingly finding out that they’ve been worked and played, while some may be preparing that big bate, these are all story headlines of that issue we nowadays call relationships. I hope Im not sending a wrong message so far, Im not that of a pessimistic person, believe me optimism is what keeps me going.

The question is why do we send that sacred meaning of a relationship down the drain?, why do people “some people” think of it as a game?, why can’t we take it to the next level?, or why can’t we just settle and cherish that partner we have?

Relationships are sacred, companionship is a belief, and believe me, love is just a course of life. Live happy, care much, share your laughs, this may turn out to be a recipe for our human evolution.

I might be making sense to some, or probably this may be sound gibberish to others. All in all, some questions had to be asked, some issues had to be said, some people had to be enlightened. “Hello, I’m Moods, and I’m of to sleep” Good night everyone . . .

Project | Wing(man)
June 2, 2008

Mr. Wing(man)

A friend in need, is a friend indeed. That’s when the term wingman first came out. Guys need the help of their friends when engaging into so many tasks, be it a quick hook up, or a simple lie, well as some may refer to it as a white lie. 

Wingmen are there when needed, having themselves pledge to the bro. code “what’s a bro. code? Well, I’ll come to that later in another post” makes them stick to the fact that they should always be there when needed, at any time, any place, perhaps stay alert when the speed dial button is hit. 

The question is, what is  a wingman, what does he do, and how does he engage? I’ll answer the following through these simple points:


  • Wingman : A noun, given to the person giving his all saving his friend from an awkward situation, probably a situation involving a friend, and his girlfriend. A person, who cleans his friend’s act when being booed off. A bridge between his friend and the next hook up.
  • Wingmen come in different patterns and tasks depending on the situation. Wingmen sometimes do back up a simple lie. Some take care of the dirty laundry their friends have left thrown here and there in a scene, and some may just stand there “full alert” making sure that nothing goes wrong, or having their friends screw things up.
  • Wingmen always take one for the team, well it depends on the stakes. 
  • The term wingman, is considered to be the backbone of the Bro. Code and the Sista’ Code
What I’m trying to point out is that friends do need each other, they need help, support and sometimes they just need to know that their friends are out there on high alert to step in whenever needed.
All in all, every true friend is and in need of a wingman. Give it a thought, do you fall under this category ?

The Chronicles of a Chicken Nugget
May 23, 2008


Speaking of new terms in the previous post, made me think of this term .. name given to those sophisticated wannabe’s. Sadly, a name given by government school students to those attending private ones. Nowadays, this segment for sophistication wannabe’s has evolved, and spread all over the society.

Don’t take me wrong, I’m a chicken nugget lover, in fact I’m quite sure that I have one buried inside me, back from the early days, I’m not here to brag about the fact that I used to attend a private school and all, It’s just something that gets stuck with u for the rest of your life, and it’s up to you to let it surface or better let it stay deep. 

I came along a very interesting person, not too long ago. We engaged in a conversation, here’s what happened:

Me: ahlaain, ya hala,  “how you doin’ ” Joey’s catch phrase.

Her: Ahlan Ahlan Ahlan, what’s up .. Hommie !

Me: Nothin’ much really, just things laying around here and there, exams are just around the corner.

Her: ooooh, all the best enshalah.

Me: I heard that you graduated a couple of days ago? Congrats. o minha lai a3la enshalah.

Her: Ohhh, thanks sweety “3o2balak”. Man, it was great, Ommi ow Obooy came to the ceremony, friends and relative all cheered, it felt so right. OH!, OH!, daddy is buying me a new car. Woooohoooooo !!

Me: Thinking to myself, “daddy !! … oh! nugget alert !”  That’s great girl, yalla 3alaich bil 3afya, o ya36eech khairha o yikafeech sharha. “nugget!”

Her: Thank you ! so much.

As we continued talking, another person came along.

Him: Wassup wassup wassup, what are u guys talkin’ about ?

Me: Nothin’ dude, just going through what happened in the graduation ceremony and all, what’s up with u?

Him: I feel, horrible!

Us: WHY ?? what’s wrong?

Him: I got burnt on the beach, plus i have a bad tan !!

Her: Oh, $hi#. Put some aloe vera on that, it may help the sooth the burning skin.

Me: “CHICKEN NUGGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET”. “I couldn’t stand it, and had to leave immediately”

You see, some people go to the extremes of nuggetism, some may act differently and unfortunately they do so with full intensions. Being normal, won’t kill you guys, and I can understand the fact that people come from different backgrounds and all that talk, but “and there’s always a butt” try acting normal just a little bit, put an effort in to it. Im not here to judge people on how they talk, eat, dress etc.. I’m only writing this post to send a message to some people out there, “Enough with the acting and the on going drama”

All in all, Be it chicken or meat, they all contain protein. 

PROJECT | Kharoof
May 22, 2008

I’ve been wanting to write about this a long time ago. I always end up having something else to do, or probably write about something else. Well, moments ago, i came along one Kharoof! not that type of kharoof(sheep) we all know of, but a different kind of kharoof. A walking kharoof, a talking one in fact. 

Kharoofs come along in different names, sizes, and probably different aspects of (kharfana), some try very hard to climb up the famous Kharoof hierarchy, you may see them weep, lie, or probably make up stories to win some random girl’s heart, or some precious minutes of a girl’s time. 

Nowadays, Kharoofism play a big role in our society .. more like a new trend in relationships, a new hobby has arrived in town everybody. A hobby ripping some guy’s dignity apart, where unfortunately and sadly  the guy (kharoof) ends up loving it and extremely OK with.

Kharoof’s latest discoveries:

  • Forget anything about dignity issues.
  • Try hard to score a girl on a regular basis, by any means.
  • Lying, is necessary sometimes .. therefore, it’s OK.
  • Spend endless hours, talking to some random girl on the phone. again for the purpose of scoring big time
  • A kharoof only joy, is met only by joining a herd of Kherfan, where several discoveries are passed from one desperate Kharoof to another.
Well, to top things up .. I only have this to say: “Once a sheep, always a Kharoof”