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He’s back again
July 16, 2009

It took me long to decide to restart writing again. As I would always say “hello! I’m Moods . . let me re-introduce you to my world”

I have redesigned my blog header, and certainly planning to make it a fresh start. Will begin writing starting from tomorrow. Enjoy and may you have a wonderful weekend.



[He]’s Back ..
July 26, 2008

Finally, I guess I got out of that phase, well, atleast I think so, and actually had the urge to write today. It felt good, felt energetic, and most of all it felt great.

A lot of things have happened over the past two to three weeks. I just hope that I do have the time to post as much as often, and dig this blog back from the dead.

Enjoy all,, you’ve been missed really.

You’re the DJ ..
July 8, 2008

woke up today and felt like listening to this:

That’s when it struck me, and became super curious in finding what are your favorite music videos. Post the link in the comment box, “just highlight the link bar and paste”. I guess this would turn out to be interesting.

P.S: I only like the song, it’s not a message .. There’s no drama here.

Being blank. !!
June 22, 2008

I don’t know how to say this, nor why am I at this stage really, but Im in a serious blank, nothing on mind phase. Im in pause as some people prefer calling it.


Back to Dubai ..
June 15, 2008

back to Dubai ..

Back home ..

This is reality ..

Finally “there’s no dust”

Hello humidity “acceptable”

Hello Shu

Hello Fudo

Hello Wasel “prepaid cards”

Hello B3eer “my land rover”

Hello 4MB internet connection!!

I’m In Jumeirah at this moment.

Didn’t have the time to post from Kuwait, you know how it gets, plus so many things had to be done in such short period of time. Things are back to normal.

Project | Blog Header
May 27, 2008

As you may see, i have changed my blog header. I would really be thankful if you would kindly rate my new one.

This is a picture of the old header. your feed backs would be appreciated. thank you 🙂