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His Vision | updated
June 17, 2008

I got it ! finally.

The thing is I normally hate to read books and all, well I probably mentioned that in earlier posts, but there’s something about this book in particular. I’m just so curious to know exactly what aspects does  Sheikh Mohammed really talks about. I had a quick glimpse and judging from what I read, I think I’ll really like the rest of it. Let’s wait and see. .

The book can be found everywhere in the UAE “literally”, and in Virgin Kuwait, “that’s if they still sell books over there”

P.S: Sorry for the bad picture, I took that using my phone camera.


The vision, the wisdom within
June 1, 2008

A visionary, a wise ruler, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashed AlMaktoum. I was unfortunate, not to read the book over the past months. I had a glimpse of the book last night, and I must admit, i liked what I read a lot. What’s ironic is that, not having the book in hand adds some mystery to its content, which in the end favors the way I think about the book “in my perspective”

Going and reaching for the extreme was never an issue to the ruler of Dubai, they way he handled his team of experts and loyal partners is extraordinary, treating each and every one of them as a son, a daughter, a friend, and probably a father.

I liked his interview in the show “60 minutes” he showed and revealed the visions he posses, the wisdom controlling his thoughts and missions. A true ruler! 

Has anyone seen an English issue of the book? 


A secret no more
May 25, 2008

“I’ll start of by saying: tafa2alo bil khair, tajedooh” 

Yes, wishing and knowing that new, happy, positive things or thoughts may add some happiness, relaxation or perhaps calmness to our lives. I know so because i tried and apparently it did work. Knowing what you wish for has always been the core of your universe, your surrounding, perhaps the inner guidelines of your path in life. Having positive vibes, has always attracted the things you really want in life, let’s start by riding that bicycle you really wanted when you were a little kid, moreover, those roller blades you got as a gift. Everyone has his own wishes, his wants, his anticipated events in life, I’m saying this because I know, and truly speaking I would have to say that I’ve been there and probably done that many times.

People tend to wish and seek for happiness, health, wealth, and love. It is unnatural to say that all those stuff we posses came out of now where, or even without engaging a thought about. We tend to react with, and pull the events we want towards us. 

Not long ago, I wanted to get a grip on that Secret book all people were talking about, unfortunately I had to no time to search for, and lost interest. Not until, a friend passed me a copy of his and asked me to read it. At first it looked to me as if it’s a myth “the book i mean” it started by illustrating and defining the power within, and vibes we have inside us, the emotional aspects and feelings we posses, be it negative or positive. Half way through, I started to understand that this book added nothing really. It clearly copied the saying “tafa2alo bil khair tajedooh” and added some twists to it, such as having some testimonials from various people across the nation, each stating how she/he did benefit from the book, and that secret the was finally revealed to the world. Moreover, it re-illustrated and translated some Muslim believes, and masked it with some ancient, early man discoveries. 

People!, the truth is out there, your life awaits for you to get a grip on. You don’t need a book, nor a person to lead you and show you the way. All you people out there need is motivation, belief and the urge to participate or lead your decisions in life. It is true when they say “you are the center of your own universe, & and your own universe is shaped by you” your actions are results of your thoughts and choices. Feeling good has always helped us evolve, trying to feel happy has always gave us that push towards life and prosperity. Start feeling good, and  least try searching for happiness in your life, after all, feeling happy has always been the desire with in. 

I’ll leave you with this 20 minute clip. Enjoy